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Mayfield Explorers


At Mayfield Church of England Primary School we are lucky to be ensconced in a beautiful and enriching local environment.


Thanks to the support of our local community, we are able to utilise this regularly to ensure that learning does not stop at the classroom walls.

Each class teacher has been supported by Mike Murphy from the Sussex Wildlife Trust to independently plan and lead exciting days of outdoor learning and exploring.

Every class spends a day a term out in Mayfield woodland, using this natural resource to extend and enhance their learning journeys.

Not only are sausages sizzling, saws sawing, fires crackling but brains are fizzing!

Please keep checking this page to see what exciting things our Mayfield Explorers are getting up to.  Also look at the class pages where you will be able to see the pictures of their fabulous days out.

Click here to see a leaflet telling you more!


Explorers latest - In term 4 our Year 5 children took part in a project run by the Sussex Wildlife Trust called 'Undersea Explorers.'  The marine environment is brought to life through the use of realistic props like kelp forests, crabs and lobster pots and the delivery of exciting games.  This all took place in the safety (and warmth) of an indoor swimming pool; for the use of the pool we would like to thank St Leonards Mayfield Girls School.

To find out more please click - undersea explorers

The Year 5 children had an amazing time.  Look below to read their comments and see how they got on.

All photos are credited to Miles Davies and The Sussex Wildlife Trust.

“It was so exciting as I have never had the opportunity to snorkel before.  This meant I could see all of the amazing and realistic sea creatures.”  Tallulah

“I could breathe under water and this made me feel really happy.”  Freddie

“It was strange at the beginning as I had never seen most of the sea life there.” Amy

“I loved it because we played some very cool games.  They helped me to learn about the different types of sea life.  It’s amazing and crazy that you can draw under water.” Nuala

“The best bit for me was the tour of marine life.  The jelly fish floated by with their slimy tentacles dangling down.” Jacob

“I can’t wait until our next session.” Millie

Explorers latest -  Jaguars class have worked with Janice Cooper from the High Weald Heroes team to create a school 'welly walk'! It is perfect timing for us all to examine the spring to summer changes in our stunning local environment.  We trialed the walk before half term and the children had a fabulous time detecting specific flower and fauna.  Thank you Janice for an amazing day.  Please click on the link below for a taste of our day. 

Jaguars Welly Walk Poster.pdf

On Tuesday 23rd June, the whole school went on out welly walk.  We left at 9.30am after a superb assembly led by Janice Cooper from the High Weald Heroes team.  Photos to follow asap.


To find out more about this event please click - welly walk