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This term in our learning journey we need to use our investigative skills to uncover the secrets behind our history and science topics.  


Can you guess from the pictures, where we are travelling to in the world, and which time period we are focusing on?                  

       Map/Still:This map shows cities, towns, and other sites of the ancient Indus Valley civilization. It also shows the borders of the modern countries of Pakistan and India, as well as some modern cities and regions.




What have all the following pictures got in common?

Image result for vibrationsImage result for sound vibrations for kids



Our new value this term is 'Perseverance'. This week the children have been really busy creating something that reflects, explains or describes this value. Guy brought in the film below to prove that perseverance can achieve a great outcome.  He worked hard with his brother on its creation, though he was tempted at times to give up!  We are really pleased he demonstrated perseverance so that we could enjoy and share with you the film!  We hope you enjoy it.


Once our display is completed in class, we will share the other children's work too.