Mayfield Church Of England Primary School

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We are undertaking three different learning journeys this term.

Firstly, we are journeying into the world of animation enjoying the opportunity to create our own films based around our river stories.  We will also follow the escapades of a water droplet as it goes on an adventure within the water cycle.  We are hoping to post our creations when they are complete on this page, so watch this space!

Next, we will find out more about the European Referendum as we follow the debate during a one week learning journey.  We will try to find out why some people want to leave the European Union and why some would like to stay. To help us, we are welcoming Huw Merriman, MP for Battle and Bexhill, to our school to explain all about the process and why it is important to think carefully about how we use the votes we have.  To support us really understand this political process, we will stage a referendum of our own considering whether Kingfishers Class should remain part of Mayfield School or leave. Here we will work on developing our debating skills. Watch this space to find out what the outcome is!

Finally, we will explore why the Romans invaded Britain and the effect they had, and still have today .  We will find out about Boudicca and why she is still remembered, practicing our skills of writing biographies as we find out more about her.  Following our work on the referendum debate, we will consider whether the Romans should have invaded England and whether they should have stayed as long as they did.

We have lots of do and learn, as well as undertake such adventures as cultivating and nurturing our part of the garden and participate in Sports Day!  What adventures we will have!