Mayfield Church Of England Primary School

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Our Peer Mediators are:

  • Monday        - Piera, Holly and Annalise        
  • Tuesday       - Sophie, Yvie and Alice 
  • Wednesday    - Eleanor, Hattie and Camilla
  • Thursday      - Lucy, Harry and Oban 
  • Friday         - Oliver, Sid and Jamie


How do Peer Mediators get chosen?

In term one year six children are given the opportunity to become Peer Mediators. They apply for the position, writing about why they are interested and the personal qualities or skills they have that would suit the role. Mrs Smith then reads the applications and decides who will fulfill the role for the year.  Ten children are chosen so that over 5 days there are 2 Peer Mediators on duty every lunch time.


What does the job involve?

Children in the playground, at times, feel they would rather ask a Peer Mediator to help them to resolve any problems that they may face. The mediation process involves two Peer Mediators working with the children to find a resolution.  If the mediators feel they are not equipped to deal with the conflict then it is referred to a member of staff. Please note that physical altercations are always dealt with by a member of staff.

Mediators are required to keep a record of any conflict resolution that occurs in the playground. There is a folder where entries are logged at the end of every lunch time.


What support is given to a Peer Mediator?

Due to the nature of this job and the fact that it can sometimes be demanding, support is always on hand. Also, meetings will be held to discuss  strategies for successfully resolving conflicts.

Our mediators often reflect on how the role has supported their own communication skills as well as supporting others. 

Thank you to all of our Peer Mediators for contributing to our positive and happy playtimes for all children in our school.


Our Peer Mediators began their roles in Term 2 and have successfully been working as a team to resolve any conflicts on the playground.