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Bramblings Star Work Board


This page is to show off two stars each week and celebrate all the fantastic work you are completing at home!


This week, Term 6 Week 4, the Star Worker is Trey for his wonderfully descriptive story. Great work Trey!

Also, I have created a slide show of all your fantastic African sunset pictures that you have sent to me. Well done!

This week, Term 6 Week 3, the Star Worker goes to Daisy for her fantastic efforts with making her African necklace and dressing up! Well done Daisy! 

However, I also wanted to celebrate all the photographs I have received of many others of you who have made necklaces too, so I have made a slide show of those!

Well done to Cassidy and Tommy who are the Bramblings star workers this week for Term 6 Week 2.

Tommy has thought very carefully about the wording he has used on his advert.

Cassidy was inspired by the real Isatou and cut up a plastic bag and learnt to crochet with the plastic strips!

Well done to Dylan and Elizabeth who have made it onto the Star Work Board this week for Term 6 Week 1.

I thought that Dylan's diary was interesting because he has written pretending that Isatou has now grown up! Elizabeth has used her African design and printed her own bag! Great work, both of you!

Well done to Mason and Barney who have made it onto the Star Work Board this week for Term 5 Week 5.

Mason has made a very informative poster about the dangers of plastic pollution, and Barney has written a creative story which also highlights the dangers of plastic pollution.

Just wanted to add William's poster!

Well done to Liam and Willow who are the Bramblings Star Writers for Term 5 Week 4. We have a double dose of Liam's imaginative writing and a beautifully presented and illustrated leaflet giving us information about Sea Turtles by Willow. Great work, both of you!

Congratulations to Joey and Elizabeth who are our Star Writers this week for their very informative work on The Great Barrier Reef: Term 5 Week 3



Well done to William and Emma who are our star writers for Term 5 Week 2 with their imaginative sea creatures shape poems!

Well done to Trey and Tommy who are the star writers for Term 5 Week 1 with their creative poems about Easter Eggs!