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Please find two videos below that show you what to expect when you return to school.

Entering the school site

The classroom

Nightingales Home Learning

Week beginning 22.06.2020

Please find the home learning for Group B to do whilst at home and related files below. Please contact the office if you have any issues. 

 Creative Writing Remote Learning @englishlulu (1).pptxDownload
 Year 5 Maths Revision Practice Booklet.pdfDownload
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Also, as per the email here are the links if you decide you would like to continue with consolidating fractions:


If your child is really struggling with fractions start here:

If they have a basic understanding but aren't secure start here: 

I have also added some worksheets below you can use alongside both schemes. The first set of worksheets are listed easiest to hardest and are linked with the first link and the second set are linked with the second link. Please get in touch if you are unsure or if you need further guidance. 

 Early Fractions.docxDownload
 Making a whole.docDownload
 Unit and Non Unit Fractions.pdfDownload
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 Unit and Non Unit Fractions.pdfDownload
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Click on the video below to see a message from Mrs Chrusciel



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Welcome to Year 5 - Nightingales Class


Nightingales are best known for their powerful and beautiful song.  The nightingale is a morning bird and the nightingale can often be heard singing it's loudest song at dawn.  

The Nightingales' team is Miss Dauris,Mrs. Chrusciel and Mrs. Tigg



Key indicators

 Year 5 Key Indicators