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Take a look at the video below so that you know what to expect when you return to school

School entrance


Click on the video below to watch Miss Smith share a story.

School Closure

From Friday 20th March Mayfield CE Primary will be closed to all but key workers children. 

During the coming weeks we will endeavour to support your children's learning by providing you with activities to complete at home. We will be regularly updating our class pages so please continue to check back and keep up to date. 

Here are some suggested activities to keep you going. 

Please share your learning via Tapestry so that I can send you feedback!

In your home learning packs there will also be a maths booklet of activities and High Frequency word cards along with a guide on ways to learn them, if you need a second copy please follow the links below.

Activities will also be set on Purple Mash, logins have been sent home. If you need further support please contact the school office. On Purple Mash there is also a blog on which we can all communicate together, which will be a great way to share our ideas and support each other.

I will also be setting regular challenges on Tapestry to keep you all busy! 

Challenge your imaginations and your motor skills by following the 30 day Lego Challenge! Please send us photos and videos of your amazing Lego challenges on Tapestry!

Some parents have requested a timetable similar to how we work within school. This is not essential, it is entirely at your own discretion when you teach the set tasks. 

Phonics Play and Twinkl have some great resources and are currently offering them free of charge. Links are below:

Welcome to Term 5- Our topic for this term is:

"Where Dragons and Dinosaurs dwell"

We're going to be exploring lots of dinosaur and dragon related challenges!

Here are some home learning ideas for week 1 and I'll be adding more every week so please check back and upload your work on Tapestry so I can share in your learning at home. For week 1 we thought we'd focus on footprints!

To practise your fine motor skills this week you could complete these Dinosaur pencil control activities:

You could also explore these PowerPoints to find out more about dinosaurs!

See if you can label a dinosaur!

Week 2. 

At the end of last week we celebrated St.George's Day so all of our learning this week is linked to the story of St.George! Look out for some knights challenges on Tapestry this week and here are some other activities and links you might want to explore:

If you want to create a wanted poster you might want to use this template to help you. Just click on the dragon!

Why not print off and play this St.George's Day board game! You could even make your own board game! 

If you want to explore knights armour this PowerPoint might interest you:

Then see if you can label a Knight in armour: 

If you want to make a split pin knight click on the dragon!

Why not do some St.George Themed Maths? Just click on the dragon!

Why design a cardboard shield when you could make a shield pizza!

Welcome to Week 3 of Home Learning in Term 5. You all did an amazing job at 'Knight School' last week and all brave knights need a castle! So this week lots of our learning will be around the theme of castles! Here are some ideas around the theme for you to explore and I'll be continuing to set daily challenges via tapestry!  

Here is some printable Numicon, we use Numicon in school for lots of different counting and number jobs, so try printing a few sets, you might find it useful to practise adding and doubling too!

You might want to find out more about castles:

See if you can label a castle:

On Friday 8th May we're marking the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Here are some activities you might want to try at home:

You can download your own bunting here: 

Click on the flag to download some wartime recipes!

It's week 4! I hope you've enjoyed the long weekend and this week we're returning to dinosaurs! Exploring the online text Hide-A-Saurus! Start by seeing if you can read the text to your parent at home then why not explore some of the ideas below!

Click on the dinosaur to download the EBook!

Why not download the count and match Hide-A-Saurus cards!

You can also print off dinosaur footprints to 20 and see if you can put them in order or draw out your own dinosaur footprints with chalk on your path outside!

It's Week 5 and the last week of term! We'll hopefully be welcoming you all back to school in Term 6 so enjoy your last week of home learning! 

If you want to make your own museum at home you might want to print off the museum role-play pack! Click on the fossil below:

Why not explore CBeebies games and Andy's Dinosaur Adventures too?

Click on the fossils for some Dino writing activities!

Term 6 work is available on the Term 6 page! 

Welcome to Reception at Mayfield Church of England Primary

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The curriculum is planned around our children's interests, each learning journey designed to inspire and excite our young learners! We work by observing and playing alongside the children to explore their ideas and interests. In this way our planning suits the needs of the individual children in our class. 

Within our curriculum there are 7 areas. These are subdivided into the Prime and Specific, these are outlined below.

The children work through these in age bands, each child makes progress at their own rate and we support and extend them to reach their full potential, in this way the child is at the centre of all we do. 

We also encourage children's Characteristics of Effective Learning. These are the key skills that children will develop to become confident and proactive learners. 

At the end of the year children are assessed against 17 Early Learning Goals, one for each of the 17 curriculum areas. 

The Early Learning Goals:

Fun and Games

Here you can find links to phonic songs and games and maths games that you might want to explore at home! 

We use Jolly Phonics songs to help us remember our phonics sounds:



Robins class is the youngest class in the school.

Our class teacher is Miss Hawkridge and our teaching assistant is Miss Smith.  


In Robins class we learn in a range of fun, hands on and creative ways! We're all individuals and all learn differently, we know it's good to be different! 

Please look through our termly pages to see what we've been up to! 


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The Village Project.

The Village Project is about promoting good practice within The Early Years Foundation Stage. Mayfield Primary School Reception class work closely with Mayfield Pre-School to plan shared activities and opportunities to support all children, providing a solid foundation to their first years of learning. To find out more about the pre-school please click here.