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Home Learning Stars!

School might be shut but this doesn't stop the Robins learning!

Everyday they've been set challenges via Tapestry and they've been sending back their efforts! I have been super impressed so here's a few of my fabulous favourites! Keep checking to see if your work gets featured!

Challenge 34 - The Show and Tell Challenge!

Challenge 33 - The Volcano challenge!! To make a volcano!

Challenge 32 - The coin challenge! To order your coins by value and work out who has the most money Roger or Bob!

Challenge 31- To make your own dinosaur skeleton!

Challenge 30- Making fossils!

Challenge 29 - To identify creatures that come from eggs and those that don't.

Challenge 28- To build a dinosaur nest!

Challenge 27 - In honour of the book Dinosaurs Love Underpants we designed our own dinosaur pants! 

Challenge 26 - To add doubles to double 10!

Challenge 25 - Dinosaur fact hunters- To draw your favourite dinosaur and write a few facts about it!

Challenge 24- VE Day challenge! To create a WW2 plane and measure how far it can fly! 

Challenge 23 - To design your own pet dragon! 

Challenge 22- To build a castle! We had some amazing designs! I was so impressed!

Challenge 21- Learning about 3D shapes- going on a shape hunt!

Challenge 20- The knight's quiz! The final test, the knights need to demonstrate their knowledge to pass the final test and become Knights of Mayfield!

Challenge 19- A dragon trap! There's a dragon ravishing the kingdom! The brave knights need to come up with a way to stop it!

Challenge 18- A knight's promise- to come up with three promises to uphold as a knight!

Challenge 17- To design a Knights Pennant!

Challenge 16- It's Knights Challenge week in honour of St.George! So for the first Knights Challenge today the Robins need to create their own Knights training camp assault course! This challenge has been amazing! We have some very brave and agile young knights!

Challenge 15- To retell the story of St. George and create a story map!

Challenge 14 - It's St. George's Day! Today's challenge is to create an English flag in honour of St.George patron saint of England.

Challenge 13- It's Earth Day! Today's challenge is to create a poster to help protect our planet!

Challenge 12 - The odd and even number hunt! Looking for numbers round the house then sorting them into odd and even!

Challenge 11- Making a dinosaur or dragon footprint big enough for you to fit in!

The children have also been completing lots of other learning from lego challenges to sentence writing and baking to painting! Look at all the fabulous things they've been up to so far!

Easter Challenge- Design an Easter outfit for Miss Hawkridge!

Challenge 10 - Measuring height in on-standard units and making a picture as tall as you!

Challenge 9 - Name Books!

Challenge 8 - Making Playdough

Challenge 7 - Outdoor Scavenger Hunt! Some children even wrote a list of the things they found!

Challenge 6 - How many different ways can you make 10

Challenge 5- Friday Dance! To create your own Friday dance like we do at school!

Challenge 4 - Create a healthy picnic!

Challenge 3 - Nature detectives looking for signs of spring! Then creating spring pictures! 

Challenge 2- The Alphabet shopping list! Can you come up with something for every letter of the alphabet?

Challenge 1- Making your numbers to 10 out of natural objects!