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Skylarks' Star Work Board

Another busy page this week with work to share so please read down to the bottom of the page!

The Star Workers this week are Hanna and Scarlett who were chosen for their work in the research task.  Brilliant work! 


Hanna's mini book about rabbits - beautifully presented and a lot of time has been spent on this:

Remember to enlarge - click on the image and it will open in a larger format. 

Scarlett's information about Dachshunds - she has done lots of research:

It was very hard to choose the Star Workers this week because all of your work was interesting and presented well.  Here are some more you might like to look at below: 

These are some of the Tudor house drawings you have sent me along with a super model of a Tudor house made by IsaacWe also have some photos of Rex inside a house with Tudor furniture!

Some more Tudor work that was sent in - a great drawing of Henry VIII by Evie, some crime and punishment drawings and Janie and her mum in a pillory (I wonder what they've done wrong?)

Janie's Shadow Puppet