Mayfield Church Of England Primary School

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Christian Values

This term our Christian Value is Compassion

As a Church of England Primary School, our vision statement states that we are a school where the Christian Faith underpins our ethos. Being a values based school allows us to explore Christian based values through practical activity, collective worship, homework and during whole class teaching.

Over a three year rolling programme we will focus on one value in detail each term. The Values we will focus on are; Courage, Trust, Creativity, Justice, Forgiveness, Peace, Humility, Truth, Thankfulness, Compassion, Hope and Friendship.

Although we see these values as Christian values, we strongly feel that they are values all children need to learn about and develop in order to become productive, successful and caring members of society.

We seek to make links between our value and real events where possible in order to contextualise the children’s understanding. For example, our value 'Forgiveness' in Term 4 linked to the Easter Story allowing  the children to reflect on how they can show forgiveness in their own lives.

Values give our school cohesiveness; we ground them in real life and enable children to understand how the value we are focussing on translates in to their lives and their actions.