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At Mayfield, our aim is to develop confident, capable and creative writers. It is our vision to motivate enthusiastic writers and create an ethos across the school that promotes a genuine love of writing. We will give pupils the tools they need and encourage them to use writing to express themselves, communicate with others and write independently for a range of purposes. They will be able to reflect and improve upon their own writing and evaluate the effectiveness of others. In order to achieve this, we ensure that our pupils are engaged with topic-based learning linked to our writing journeys and that all pupils, regardless of ability, are able to achieve. We use good quality texts alongside our teaching to demonstrate different styles of writing, creative flair and technical accuracy. We weave grammar skills into every English lesson to ensure pupils are understanding the terminology and using it effectively in their writing. At Mayfield, we believe that handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation are all key ingredients for developing a confident and capable writer and therefore begin the process of securing this progression right from Early Years. This basis of technical knowledge allows pupils the freedom to experiment with more complex vocabulary, word order and sentence structures in order to create impact, atmosphere and meaning for the reader. Please see below for more information on the curriculum aims and grammar progressions within our school.

Guides for parents

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Curriculum 2014

Grammar Progression

Progression has been laid out term by term however, this is flexible due to teachers weaving grammar into topics and learning journeys as necessary