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Early Years

Early Years

Our main focus here is to teach synthetic phonics (see our phonics tab) as well as whole word recognition to support the children to decode words. In this way, children learn to use phonics to help them read words which also supports them to extend their knowledge about the spelling system They are given their own independent reading book which is rooted within a banded system and is appropriate to their reading level and experience.  Most children begin on a ‘no words’ text in order to facilitate discussion around books and to encourage such strategies as prediction, making links between texts and enjoying that experience of sharing a book with others. 

We believe that it is important to provide the children with a rich experience of books and stories in the early years, allowing them to become accustomed to making sense of print; to know stories and story language, to have wider vocabularies, which in turn provides a richer experience of writing.  As a consequence, they are actively encouraged to select picture books from their class library which provide them with a rich text and enable again that shared experience with a more experienced reader.