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Class Teacher: Mrs Moore         Teaching Assistant: Mrs Standing


Our Learning Journey Overview for the Year.


Term 1 Snipped

Woodland learning

We had great fun on our Woodland Learning outing. Having studied different versions of The Three Little Pigs or The Three Little Wolves building houses, we decided to discover how easy it would be to build our own dens.


In science this term, we sowed some cress seeds in an experiment to see what conditions plants need to thrive.

We also planted some bulbs. Our hyacinths should flower at Christmas time, but we will have to wait patiently until the spring for all our other bulbs to come into flower. We will carefully look after the bulbs so that later, our outside area will be a riot of colour with crocus, daffodils, muscari and tulips. Look out for our photos later in the school year!


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The Night Sky Snipped

Woodland Learning

We all enjoyed our Welly Walk where we found signs of autumn! Have a look at our photos to see what we found.

As part of our preparations for Christmas, we made decorations to go on our school Christmas tree in St. Dunstan's church. We loved looking at all the other trees in church too that had been decorated by other groups in the village.


Our Nativity play this year was called 'It's A Baby!' We were very proud to be dressed up for our performances to the school as well as friends and family.


Last term, as part of our learning about plants in science, we planted some hyacinth bulbs. These are now all ready to go home so that they flower over the Christmas holidays!

TERM 3 - Please look at our Learning Journey below.

Term 3 Let's Go To China Snipped

We have loved being in China this term and as well as completing our class goal of learning to count to 10 in Chinese, we have made dragons to celebrate the Chinese or Lunar New Year. 

We listened to the Chinese folk tale 'The Willow Pattern' and took inspiration from the illustrations to paint our own Willow Pattern plates.

We loved making a Chinese stir fry. We chose our own vegetables to include and helped to stir them with the noodles in the wok. Best of all was being able to eat what we had made!

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Term 4 On Safari Snipped

Please look at the power point to find out about the end of Key Stage 1 tests (SATS)

We had a fantastic day with our very own African teacher. He brought us different African instruments to try out and then we learnt some drumming routines on the Djembe drums. African dancing was fun too, and we enjoyed showing the whole school what we had learnt in our day!


All our Easter bonnets look wonderful!


Term 5

Take a look at our Term 5 Learning Journey below.

Term 5 Sea Explorers snipped

In February, we started chitting some potatoes. Now we have planted them and eagerly watch their growth...

The school garden provided the perfect place to find minibeast habitats. We combined maths, science and ICT to create tally charts and pictograms of minibeasts we found in the garden.

We used the beautiful setting of Court Meadow to sketch our local habitat for science. Then, we decided what was living, dead or never alive in that habitat!

We have been carefully watching our potatoes grow. Every time we see them shooting above the soil, we add a bit more until they grow to the top of the bags!

Have a look at some of the clay models we have made as part of our work on The Creation in RE...

We had great fun playing traditional games to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on the last day of term!

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Term 6 Sea Explorers Snipped

Maths Day! We had a great time solving different puzzles in the hall. Some children from Falcons' Class were there to support our learning which really helped.


Earlier this month, Bramblings' Class went on a visit to Brighton Sea Life Centre. The children were very excited and had been counting down the number of sleeps until the big day! Finally, the coach arrived, and we were off! The colours in the centre were mesmerising, and there was so much to see. We had been studying a book about a giant sea turtle called Duffy who became ill through eating plastic, so the children were delighted to see two giant sea turtles in the centre. Of course we named one of them 'Duffy'! Another highlight of our visit was the tunnel that we could walk through and see all the sea creatures swimming around us. Sharks almost swam straight into us and we could see the underside of the turtles. Fortunately, we had been blessed with a beautifully warm day, so we were able to eat our lunch on the beach. It was a little scary with so many seagullys just waiting to swoop in on our food. However, we did enjoy a quick play on the beach! It wasn't long before it was time to return to the coach having had a very busy and memorable day for everyone!


Thank you to Dougie and his mum for bringing their tortoise, Tony, to visit our class. As part of our Science this term, we have been looking at animals and how they have adapted to their habitats. We had so many questions about tortoises, and we were very interested to hear about what Tony eats, why he has a shell and how to care for tortoises. We were also allowed to pick him up! 


Finally our potatoes are ready! The children have spent several very hot afternoons hunting through the bags of potatoes that we have planted. Have a look at the photographs below to see what they found...