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Our Class Teacher is Miss Hawkridge

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Spencer and Miss Smith


Our Learning Journey Overview for the Year.

New Parents Meeting

If you were unable to attend the new parents information evening you can find all the information on the powerpoint below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 

Term 6

In our final term as Robins we will be exploring how things grow and change! We'll be exploring lifecylces and how all creatures grow and change, including ourselves! We'll be learning about all sorts of different creatures from teeny tiny insects to the huge dinosaurs that used to roam our planet!

Term 5

This term we will be exploring traditional tales!

On the 12th of May we went on our first ever school trip!

We had a wonderful time at Bodiam Castle where we found out lots about knights and life in the past! 

We also celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with our own school street party!

Term 4

This term we're going to be exploring our amazing world and it's creatures and thinking about how we can keep it safe and protect it.

This term we celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favourite book characters and sharing our favourite stories! Can you guess who we are?

Term 3 

This term we're exploring the great outdoors in our local area!

Bear Hunt

We had great fun looking for birds as part of the RSPB's Big School's Birdwatch!

We also made some food for the birds to help them through the cold weather.

We also learnt about how birds catch worms to eat. They tap and stamp on the soil which creates vibrations in the ground, the worms think this is a mole coming to eat them so they wiggle up to the surface to get away but instead are tricked by a hungry bird! We wanted to see if we could trick the birds too and we had a go at worm-charming! 

Term 2

This term we are learning about celebrations!

celebrations overview

We started the term by learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We made Rangoli patterns, made special diwali sweets and made salt dough Diya lamps! 

diya lamps

Remember, remember the 5th of November! We learnt the story of the gunpowder plot and had our own bonfire day at school! We lit a fire, toasted marshmallows, splatter painted fireworks and made our own paper Guy's to burn on the fire!

Then we read the story "Where the poppies now grow" and learnt about Remembrance Day. We talked about the significance of the poppy and created poppies in lots of different ways. We talked about the war memorial and we made a wreath to lay on the 11th of November. 


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Term 1

It's our first term at 'Big School' we're all very excited! 

Term 1 overview

We looked at seasonal changes and went on an Autumn walk to explore our local area. 

We read the story Leaf Man and made our own Leaf Men! 

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