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School Council

Mayfield's School council consits of children elected to voice the ideas of students within the school on school topics. Each class elects two representatives to join school council meetings, bring questions and ideas to the class and feedback pupil voice. 

Our School Council representatives

School Council Representative Image

Terms 1 and 2

School Council - Term 1 and 2

School Dinners

The Chartwells Company that supply our School Dinners provided a questionnaire for the children. The School Council represntatives were briefed on the questions and went off to their classes to gather their peers feedback. The Representatives then gathered together with two members of the Chartwells Company to provide the pupil voice from Mayfield.

Pupil Voice

There was a general concensus that the children at Mayfield enjoyed their hot school dinners. Some of the favourite hot school dinners included: hot dogs, fish fingers, veggie burgers, maccaroni cheese and pizza. To improve the menu the children suggested including: chilli dishes, sweet potato fries, fruits incuding berries, chinese dishes and toad-in-the-hole.

Term 3 and 4

The Playground

The School Council Respresentatives met to be breifed on their next topic of discussion with their classes. The Respresentatives went back to their classes to gather feedback before gathering together to report back to the School Council Leader Mrs Strevens. The feedback will be used to improve the children's exerpiences at lunchtime to ensure every child has an enjoyable time.

The Feedback

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School Council - Term 3 and 4
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